Bet 365 Geo Authenticator app game over?

I used multiple Bet365 accounts with betting partners to get constant action on the biggest bookmaker. Last week when placing a bet I got a message saying that my bet could not be placed until I scanned a QR code to confirm my location. I decided to skip and lay off of B365 for a while to do some research.

It seems to me that when/if I download the app to scan my location, that I would then no longer be able to use new accounts with B365 as this authenticator would mean that it would always show my betting from my office etc.

Is this gg for multi accounting on B365 or does anyone have a work around?


Did you use different devices with previous accounts?

Never heard of this before, are you talking about the website ?

I am pretty sure you can GEO spoof pretty easily on a android phone so that could be a option you could try ?

Interesting, that may be worth looking into thanks.

Yeah it seems to be a new thing they are rolling out gradually. when you go to place a bet it promts you to log into the app and scan a QR to prove your location. This is obviously not ideal if you are planning to use multiple accounts there.

Yes, I used 2 different mobile phones, a desktop computer and a laptop. Also moved house in-between so changed ip on the two computers.

That being said, I have spoken to various people and heard online from other bettors that simply ensuring that the IP is different is enough to not have issues with 365.


awesome so everything is working okay now?