Bet 365 odds - site v RB

Hi - only started in July. Bet 365 has been a main site so far. But in the last 3 days I’ve noticed odds not matching RB at all (haven’t been able to bet there since Monday, when, since I started I always did)…this is a specific finding not generalisation.

Is this normal, periodic, bet type dependant, something else?

I dont bet high volume as focus on Sure Betting so appreciate it might be lack of volume related?


dont expect any help from RB anytime soon…Ive reported the same issue for 10 bet 3 weeks ago…they say they are short staffed until end of August! Not sure what we are paying for, as I dont feel Im getting my moneys worth.

You can always pause the subscription in the meantime if 10bet is the only bookie you have.

Ive paid them £1500 , and peed off. They know Ive only got one soft bookie that is not restricting me…I will be seriously considering jumping ship to TM at renewal.
You should not have to wait > 1month before they even BEGIN looking at getting 10 bet working again.

Im not pausing, because Im still going as a hobby

Further…I ve asked for a refund, and I would leave immediately, but they say its in their T&Cs that they dont do refunds. More fool me for paying upfront for a year.

I understand that you are upset since you have been posting similar replies all over the forum but, please, do not hi-jack another members thread.

Hi RogerBall,
I have not had any major issues with odds not matching on B365.
Of course, it happens hat they sometimes have shifted out of the VB zone…
If you are doing sure-betting then place the soft bookie bet first.

Thanks for the reply and support on hijack!. Yes Im getting used to which to place first. Historically 365 has always just sat waiting for me to place it so i do it second (does depends on who other bet is with…was getting restricted but understandable with high stakes needed on SB). Right now im jumping on the bet when it shows but 365 is not at those odds…as i say just for last few days. Does the ‘thread hijacker’ have a point…is this a 365 thing or a RB thing?

The surebets are based on valuebets. I have not had any issues with those.

thanks for the help. put on two bets yesterday so seems to have fixed itself

although back to being a problem today again

I do not have any issues.