Bet brokers like

Somebody around here who use a bet broker for Value betting? Any thoughts on this? Does it function with Value betting or just with sure betting?

On the other side, it says that is fully implemented in RB, but I can only find 2 bookies in the bookmaker list from

I’m trying, but I’m not very successful.
if you find something related to sportmarket, can you tell me

you are not successful because you can’t place many bets or because you are not on profit? :smiley:

I hope that somebody from RB will also reply to this topic and they clear the subject.

Sportmarket is implemented for RebelBetting (surebetting) only, but will be added to value betting. It’s considered a sharp bookmaker. Read more about value betting on sharp bookmakers.

Sportmarket shows up as a single bookmaker, not as several different bookmakers. Read more about Sportmarket in RebelBetting.

Do you have a date for adding this to VB?

I don’t think a broker is suitable for a valuebetting, because the profit from a valuebetting is generated by a large number of bets, and the broker charges a commission for every bet, and the profit from a valuebetting can’t even pay a commission


yes cant find any odds . It seems it is not properly implemented .