"Bet" function does not take me to the bet


does anybody else have the problem that the “bet” button only takes them to the website, but does not log the bet in?

It drives me only on football bets to the game. For other sports it drives me to football category and says that the game not found.

Unfortunately this is the case with some bookmakers. We can only surf to the main page of the site, but we try to surf as far as we possibly can. I suggest you use the Bet365 search function to find the event. However, the Bet365 search function is not perfect. It usually finds the correct event, but sometimes it doesn’t.

As an example, your search for a tennis player named K Andersson may be found, but if you only search for just Andersson - this may not show up. So you have to do a specific search for K Andersson and it will show. So their search function is not the best, sorry about that.

We are working on improving this and will add a feature so that the event name will be copied to clipboard when you press the bet button, so it can be easily pasted in the search field of the bookmaker.

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