Bet in asia and sportmarket

hello, why do i never get the odds that are stated with bet in asia or sportmarket? usually a difference of 0.2

Difference in what direction?

if rebelbet has an odds of 2 providers then it is usually 1.8 at sportmarket or betinasia

That is a big difference.

I would be interested in where they get the odds from at betinasia, I have mollybet black there

How many bets do you get in the feed during weekdays and weekends? Are they all “expired/different” when you try to place the bet?
You have access to all the below books and exchanges?
Bookmakers on BLACK:

  • Pinnacle Sports
  • SBet
  • Singbet
  • BetISN
  • 18Bet
  • 3et
  • JAbet
  • ibc

Betting Exchanges on BLACK:

  • Betfair Exchange
  • Matchbook Exchange
  • Betdaq Exchange
  • Molly Exchange
  • smk (Smarket)

today there were about 15 of which 13 were far below value

Usually on which bookmaker?

at betinasia there was no bookmaker who had a value quote

ok. Thank you.