Bet size limits?

Hi, new user here.

Was just wondering - is it normal to have your bet sizes limited? I had just registered and my limits were ridiculously low. In some cases, I manage to get the full suggested bet size.

E.g. I try to bet €10 and I get limited to €2.23 or in some cases €0.66. Is it because we are betting on unpopular lines or there’s something wrong with my account?

If I bet the maximum pre-approved sums, does it affect my progress in any way? If yes, am I slowing myself down or just shooting myself in the foot?

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no, the bookmaker limited you so that you will stop using their website, they do not want you. AKA they are trying to kick out out from their business because they noticed that you are not an average bettor

I understand that.

What i dont understand is why they limited me on my first bet, and why they limit some bets and not others. My bet sizes were €5 and €10. I wasn’t betting astronomical sums.

Moreoever, does this happen constantly? Or i was just unlucky to be limited on my first bet, twice in a week?

Edit - should i keep betting where I’m limited or just leave the platform? Or it doesn’t matter?

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when y bet on very low leagues , woman games, u 21 games y will get limited soon
use one bookie for soccer use only the better leagues
stay away from norway 3. division

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Is there a bet limit when betting?

Yes but not always. Sometimes I can bet up to €15. Other times I’m limited to a few cents.

Nobody (except for the bookmaker itself) really knows why, when, or if a bookmaker limits you. People get limited differently fast on the same bookmakers.

Please check out this blog post on how to avoid bookmaker limitations.

However, limitations are definitely something you will need to get used to as an expert sports trader.

But don’t worry, you can still make really good money, especially in the first months when running unlimited and taking advantage of all the signup bonuses.

when y bet on low ligas lot of basketball y will limit soon vere sure
use one bookie for soccer but the recomend leagues when there go a lot of money in