Bet win/lose void

good evening,
I have a problem with the betting traker … I score the win / lose void bets … I’ll explain better and give an example:
real madrid vs barcelona = win real madrid … ends the game but the traker on book like william hill and unibet reports it to me void … so difficult to keep track of all the matches especially if you have to deal with a lot of bets

by win / lose I mean 1-2 results
right now i am also correcting the bet365 results … is it just my problem?
the problem seems to arise when matches end in a draw

Ive had this a couple of times. I check everything because i run a few strategies, so i always pick up the issues. Im not sure if it’s software error or human error betting the bet slightly wrong. It’s nice when a void is actually a win, but sh*t when you have to log a loss… it somehow hurts more when you input it yourself.

They are few and far between. Maybe 1 error in 100.

in my tracker yesterday i found 4 out of 4 errors … they register when it breaks even and now i can’t see all the bets so i can’t know how accurate my profit margin is.

Funnily enough, i think i had d 3 or 4 yesterday, which was a record. I am all over my data, so i do check everything and i have a back up spreadsheet. I always update any errors and so profit is accurate once youve done that.

I notice that 10 Bet settlements are particularly slow to be recorded as win/lose/void I invariably manually do them rather than have my figures showing pending bets that actually should have been settled