Bet365 Algorithm

Rebelbetting doesnt work in the long run, trust my words.
Im almost certain that if ur using Rebelbetting your gonna get limited after a very few bets (50-150) if ur stakes are high enough to make some good profit and its worth the time.
Bet 365’s algorith can see the pattern when all users here are placing the exact same bet at exactly the same time, ofcourse they have an insider here that also can see the bets we all place to find Valuebettors, since we are many here its kinda easy for them to have it in their algorith to find profitable bettors, its kinda logic. If u imagine that your the ceo of getting good players limited its not so hard to know where to look at first?

Yes i have expirence and tried about 10 MATURE bet 365 accounts with all the tips and tricks out there to avoid suspicion and limits.

Hi Poky,
No i do not trust your words.
RB does work long term but the soft accounts DO NOT last long term.
Just correcting what you have managed to unjustifiably conflate.

I am surprised that that B365 does not identify value bettors and limit accounts much quicker then what they actually do.