BET365 - All your eggs in one basket

in the UK it seems to me that Vb on RB is reliant on B365. Im doing well but realise that my time is limited as I will get gubbed. It might be in one month or a year. I dont want to set up accounts in other peoples names. Do anyone have any hints or tips to get around this ?


I’m sorry to break it to you, but if you want to continue value betting long-term and maintain profitability, you may eventually need to ask friends or family members to open new accounts for you. Unfortunately, there aren’t many other sustainable ways to get around account limitations or restrictions. It’s a common challenge for successful bettors.


As far as I know there is possibility that your account can be blocked if you have a lot of accounts under one ip :frowning: so be careful

That’s why you use cellular data from your phone, every time you go into airplane mode for 5 seconds and turn on cellular data afterwards you will have a new IP

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Are u sure about this? Im buying a new sim card for every new account.

You can try it yourself, just go to whatsismyip before and after you go in airplane mode

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first 3months if you want to be conservative run neg clv the whole time, bleed 500k siphoned to exchanges.

Fingerprinting and digital tracks are not only relying on IP.

Can you elaborte on this? Do u think bet365 will use geolocation to find if you are muti accounting?

I do not know for sure the methods that B365 use but there are more ways to track accounts besides the IP adress.

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