Bet365 anti-value system

since several days is impossibile to place a lot of value on Bet365,
I tried to place in several rate, from 4 to 10, but nothing… even I
go faster than 1 second on bet, value is down… is the end of vALUE?

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think it´s about oddsprovider rather than an anti-value system

this is a big problem… last days I made more than 100 bet/day easily, in the 2 last, I’m in difficult to arrive at 50


Your speed is so crazy. So you are using bot to place bets?
I’m trying to make a bot but I set speed to more than 1 minute. Anyway, Bet365 restricts using bot, so I think that placing a bet too quick will notice them.
I already got limited by 1xbet. Still working on my bot. Hope it will work fine. :slight_smile:

Noticed the same thing in Bet365. There are not so many valuebets the last couple of days, maybe its a mid of the week thing.

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no one bot, onlu manual research… but in the last days the problem on bet365 is how faster bet value goes down… with 50 bet/days there is not enough profit to pay membership

it depends on your bankroll and average bet size. with 20 bets/day at avg. 30 EUR and EV+ of 3%, you can expect to make on average much more than the cost of the membership.

And what bots are already on the market? I would like to try through a bot.

I use my own bot. But recent days, so few value bet on Bet365. It seems that value bet are dying for Bet365. Before last sunday, there are plenty of value bet on Bet365. Wait for this weekend.

there is a great betexy bot for bet365

i need more info about those bots for bet365. can they copy the bet suggestions from rebel betting and place them?

It can. I searched for betting bot on the internet but it seems that there is no public one, or I couldn’t find it. So I make my own bot. I think if value bet can make profit, it means the more bet you place, the more chance you have. And it’s so boring to stay with computer and make 100 same tasks every day.

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Do you mind sharing it? I can return you the favor as payment or new bet365 accounts

I keep it for personal use only. It is not stable, there are still some bugs. And I afraid it will be detected sooner or later.

on the website you can get acquainted with the bot. he places bets on bet365 himself

is there any english version for this? im also interested in a bot placing my bets from rebelbeting to bet365

after registration, you can choose the English language of the site. in order for the bot to start working, you need to have at least ~ 10 pounds on your account. The bot also does not work with all bet365 accounts yet, but only the UK and Germany. You don’t pay anything for the subscription, but you will be charged a percentage of the winnings. But I could be wrong. Maybe I misunderstood

we could help each other. I’m waiting for you in private messages