Bet365 autosurf broken

Bet365 is for me the most important site for VB, and the autosurf has stopped working. It won’t work on the web-version either, so at the moment I can’t utilize any of the bets. How can I fix this?

Sorry for the late reply here! Please note that this is not our official support channel. For fast replies, you should contact me and my team directly via our website chat or email us.

Unfortunately, we cannot surf all the way to the betslip as we could before. In the software version, I suggest you open the bookmaker in your default browser (enable this setting in Options/bookmaker setup). Then I suggest you to use the search function on Bet365 to find the correct event and odds. Their search function is pretty good, so finding the correct odds to bet on should not take very long time.

Sorry for not being able to take you all the way to the betslip. Perhaps this can be improved later on. Until then please find the odds manually.