Bet365 bets/odds doesn't match with rebel betting bets/odds for O/U football

OK, I wanted to see this a few times before to create this post. I skipped A LOT of bets because the EXACT BET with EXACT ODDS wasn’t there…IS NEVER THERE. This is happening only for bet365
On bet365 there are no odds like 2.25/2.75/1.75/3.25 for over/under bets on football.
The problem is, on rebel betting we get the bet as U 2.75 for example at odds of 1.85, but if the bet does’n exist, i thought: “ok, I will pick U 2.5 BEAUSE IT THE SAME THING => LESS THAN 3GOALS”…but then the odds are higher for U2.5 and the value goes up 20%-30%+ most of the times because of the odds descrepancy.
But i don’t want to place bets that have 20%value because it will be a big red flag for them.
I was thinking to stop placing bets from bets365 with O/U.
Does anyone have the same problem? (VALUEBETTING) in UK

Bet365 labels those bets differently.
If you go to the match → Asian Lines, a bet for “Under 2.25” on RB would be “Under 2.0,2.5” on Bet365.
“Under 2.25” basically means that half your bet goes towards “Under 2.0” and half your bet goes towards “Under 2.5”, so if the match ends with 2 goals, for example, you win at half the odds.
If a match at “Under 2.75” goals ends with 3 goals in it, you’ll have half of your stake voided, and lose the other half


It’s not the same situation but as I start recently using Bet365 I’ve seen several times situations as below. Bet365’s price is much higher than suggested odds from RB. Do I miss something here?

The market you are looking at on the Bet365 app is the “1X2” market, so where on RB it says “Win” under the match, it would need to say “1X2”.

A win bet, from what I understand, is one that only has one outcome. I believe the same market here would be the “Draw no bet” market on Bet365.

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I don’t think it’s the same because Rebel’s “draw no bet” is AH(+0)
It seems to me a straight WIN but why this big differences?? And… do we change the odds and place the bet? In this case value increased very much and maybe this is an alert for the book…

thank you, this make sense

I’ve found that AH(+0) and Draw not Bet often give different odds, so whilst they’re the same bet in principle they seem to be treated differently.
Either way, you are trying to bet on the 1X2 market which offers 3 options, whereas the “Win” market only offers 2, hence the differing odds you are experiencing.
That said I must admit that so far I’ve personally not actually come across a “Win” market on a soccer game on Bet365 yet whilst doing Value Betting.

So, when RB gives a “WIN” value bet are you searching for “draw no bet” odds at bet365?

I have had this problem before.

When RebelBetting has Win is Draw No bet in the Bookmaker.

When RebelBetting has 1x2 is a three way Win with three choices which are Win/Draw/Loose.

So, your numbers never match with the real ones because you’re looking at Win at RebelBetting which is Draw No Bet and you’re looking at the three way win in the Bookmaker which is 1x2 in Rebel Betting.

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Thank you for the explanation!
I’ll start checking this from tomorrow.