Bet365 +EV Betting (UK) - excluding low tier necessary for avoiding early gubbing?

Hi guys,

I am brandnew here and I just sent it, subscribing to the pro version right away.

I want to get started fully focussing on betting via bet365.

However, setting the filter to 3.5 - 25%, bet365 only, odds 1.3 to 2.9, TTS 48h, and crucially hiding low tiers, I don’t see too many results, only 4 at the time.

Is hiding low tiers absolutely necessary to extend the lifetime of the account, or is it more hindering me to place as many bets as possible until the inevitable gob is coming in?

What are your experiences?

Appreciate your feedback :slight_smile:

PS: Is there a currently valid discord invitation link for this community? I just found an expired one on google.

Opting to hide low-tier games will reduce the number of betting options available to you. While certain individuals prefer exclusively betting on high-tier games during their initial week on bet365, I personally never found it necessary, particularly throughout the week.

If the Discord link is malfunctioning, you can attempt to manually add the server through Discord.

Thanks a lot, I already joined! :slight_smile:

I will bet without the option checked.

Another question that I asked on discord on getting started:

I have a bankroll of 2000 GBP and want to start +ev betting on bet365. My account is around two weeks old, I did 13 arbitrage bets. I have around 400 GBP in it with 3 open bets worth 150. How would you recommend me to start? I have to put 2000 bankroll in my settings already, but clearly it wouldnt be smart to deposit large amounts into the account right now, right? Should I start with 2000 bankroll settings but very small kelly value and gradually deposit some money week by week?

All my efforts at account preservation has been futile, depositing large is sure gonna raise flags but so is placing +ev bets. My advice, Hammer them in the shortest time possible. If this’s your first bet365 account then you’re in luck as those tend to last longer than any accounts created so make the most of it.

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Okay so I will just put it up to 2000 and get going as soon as the open arbs are done.

Another question regarding bankroll. The bankroll is not strictly related to the account balance, right?

It is the amount I started with plus the cumulative profit / minus the cumulative loss so far, isn’t it?

So if I bet half my bankroll of 2000 GBP on bets that will finish 2 days later, I will not adjust my bankroll the second day, right? Or will I set it to 1000 because the other 1000 are still allocated as stakes? I am so confused if its just the account balance or something else.

A clarification on that would be wonderful.

I got gubbed today by bet365 and did well but wished i would have hit them harder earlier. You will get gubbed but nobody knows why or when.

@ms1 how long did yours last? With how much money did you start and finish? Which country are you from? How many bets have you placed? Thanks for the insights in advance! :slight_smile:

4 months VB. Started with £500 but should have been more and I got gubbed with £3400 profit. UK.
4600 bets total

@ms1 pretty impressive results though! Do you mind sharing your options / filter settings with me?

Would appreciate that a lot. I am also from the UK, or more accurately a German living in the UK.

Many of this questions have already been answered in the community and there ia also a great FAQ on RB’s support pages. See the link on bankroll management.
FAQ - Bankroll

We got gubbed today too, no regrets though as we really hit them hard making off with around 4k in a week. All or nothing :sweat_smile:

I got gubbed yesterday.

What is your strategy for going “full send”? What was your bankroll and how many bets did you push through in how many days? I am so curious.

I placed around 1500 bets within that week. My bankroll was 8k but grew to around 12k before the account got gubbed. I still have 17 open bets currently so it could be more. I was staking flat stakes of 100.

This screenshot doesn’t show this weeks turnover (mon-till date), but you can see the account got active around fri and died out today, i wish they allowed me for one more weekend though :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

wow. Impressive, congrats!

So you basically took every bet that you could take.
How about the bets that after 2 minutes disappear because of “no value anymore” warning?

Do you somehow avoid those, or is it just down to luck and everybody will have some of these bets?

Nahh, I’m quite picky with my settings especially time to match start, i get cocky sometimes and set one hour for 1. Quick turnover 2. The shorter the time, the more accurate the edge is and the faster clv climbs. I’m able to place a lot because i just devoted that weekend to placing bets and did nothing else so i was on my phone for the whole day😅.

If the odds match, i still advice you take it.


Is that 4k in GBP or other currency,can you really make that much in a single week without getting instantly limited on an old bet365 account?I have $3k right now on my main bet365 which is over 4 yrs old,do you think if i start hitting them hard i could make like $10k more profit in a month without getting detected and limited for making too much profit in a short period of time since it is an old account.

The goal is to make profit not avoid limitations, if you place a lot of bets within that time…

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I would add to that by saying that the goal is to maximize the profit on each account in an efficient manner.

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