Bet365 has limited a lot of accounts

I used Rebelbetting services for a year and a half and I bet only in bet365. I use 5 bet365 accounts belonging to my friends. Suddenly, this Friday Bet365 has limited all of them. Did any one else had the same problem?

Did u place the exact same bets on all 5 accounts?

No, Each account has different bets

How were you using them? Did you use different devices for each, proxies, vpns, not on same WiFi etc

I use one device (wm) but I change ip every time I log to a new account. I use chrome and I have made a chrome user for each Bet365 account.

How are you changing the IP exactly? Chrome
Profiles will still all share the same IP from what I can gather. I used to multi account doing matched betting and used a seperate device with its own mobile sim

You must change the network device.

Thanks. I suppose you ere right. I will change them immediately.

One device for each account!

Can that new authentication locator be a thing? that they track (especially new) account from same location? One can not use it anymore without that location thing in the app. I got an account limited just as I opened it but will try with another phone again, but curious of that.

Are you from germany? Because on the same day than you, friday 02/02/2024, they closed my bet365 account too.

No, from Greece