Bet365 is only way to success (for .it users)

Hi everyone,
I’m trying the PRO version, I’m pleased to see that there are so many suggested bets. Unfortunately I only have Bet365 left and my results aren’t even great.
I registered an account with Pinnacle, as suggested to later switch to “sure bets”, unfortunately I notice that the markets are quite different and the link from the RB dashboard points to the domain (which obviously does not accept registrations from Italy) , so I can’t find any matches.

I suppose my experience will have to end when Bet365 also limits my account.

Due to differences in odds and markets, this is what a user can expect.

Hi Mir.ko, I am from Italy as well. I did not subscribe to the Pro yet. and I would appreciate your feedback. How long are you using rebelbetting from? Would you recommend? Did you profit?
when do you expect Bet365 to block/restrict your account?

Ciao better.leandro,
I think the limitations change from country to country, for example it is not possible to use the same account on two different domains (for example and
I was immediately limited by marathonbet, unibet, leovegas, williamhill etc… only bet365 remains.
With bet365 I have been playing since August 25th (about two weeks ago) as you can see from the attachment I have made almost 700 bets putting a profit of around €180 in my pocket, at the moment it does not justify subscribing to PRO.
The problem I was posing is that when I am restricted by bet365 there will be nothing else to play with on other sites. The markets for Italy are almost always different and not aligned, furthermore the links often point to .com domains and not valid for .it.

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Bet365 provides a lot of value indeed. Please note that we just added more Italian bookmakers to RebelBetting:,, StarCasino. Any chance you can use them as well? Or are you limited there?

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I’m considering alternatives but I’m having some difficulties:

  • The BetfairSportsbook redirect is to “.com” and in Italy it doesn’t work (update, if I change the .com extension from the link and replace it with .it - it works correctly).
  • Betfair cannot find the page, the link returns a 404 error.
  • StarCasino has a very low % value, between 1 and 3 (but it works)
  • Bwin cannot find the page and the market
  • BetClic cannot find the page and the market (white page)
  • Coral cannot find the page and the market
  • Unibet rarely finds rarely the page and when find, rarely find the market
  • Betway cannot find the page and the market (error 404)

Now I have great profits with bet365, I can also support a Rebel PRO account.

Near Bet365’s bets, I am adding the only ones that work:
StarCasino / Eurobet / Sisal
however, at the moment these three, due to the few suggested and low value games, it doesn’t seem like they will be able to support even the start subscription in the future.

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Have you ensured that you’ve updated the betting website domains in the settings section of RebelBetting?

To do this, you can go to Options, then select Bookmaker, and finally click on Domain.

Sure. Unfortunately not everyone can be set.

Here you can. :arrow_down:


here you can’t. :arrow_down:


I think that for some of the domains I reported, one of your programmers can fix them.

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Hi! You are still using the premium? There are some bookmakers worth for the premium or you are still using only B365? I am from Italy too

Hi Pippot,
I use a Premium account, I only have the bookmakers you see in the image (Unibet limits 90% of my bets to €1).
The month of November was disastrous, the premium account cost me €199, the revenues were €281 with a betting round equal to €21,000 (1,226 bets) approximately 15 hours of work for €82.
I don’t know if I will renew it again.

Thanks for the informative answer! Well, if I understood the graph, it seems it’s only bad luck, since the CLV is actually going up, so the bets you place are really value bet.

Could you please check for me if the Pinnacle odds are available also for the italian Pinnacle version? You shold be able to do it even if you don’t have a Pinnacle account. That would be very helpful for me to know… Otherwise the premium only gives you betfair, according to your picture.


Don’t get me wrong, the balance from the beginning is still very positive, the problem is that to reach these numbers with Italian bookmakers you have to stay online all day, if you work all day on your computer and leave it in the background it’s better .
Consider that if you exclude, all the other bookmakers cannot find 75% of the odds suggested by the tool and for those it finds there is often no direct link, you have to search for them manually on the bookmaker.
For pinnacle there is no direct connection with the tool to the match, you have to search for them manually, and when you find the match most of the time there is no odds.

My Christmas present…
my bets are now limited to €1/€3.
Even if has been added (which offers very few bets per day) I think my earnings (per hour played) will drop drastically to a few cents.
Isn’t there a “RebelBetting for limited users” fee :disappointed_relieved:?
I’m finishing the month and I’ll update you.

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I canceled the RebelBetting Pro plan, I threw away the €199 of this month’s subscription.
For the Italian market without Bet365 is not profitable.