over/under basket bets have different rules

This is a topic I already discussed with the staff. doesn’t consider overtime regarding over/under basket bets, whereas does. I don’t really know the reason but the effect is clear: given the same odds under bets are more favorable whereas over bets are less favorable.
Given a 3% value on a over bet i don’t play, but what about a 9% value? Shall I nonetheless play, notwithstanding it is less favorable? Thanks

Hi Salvo_Derinto very interesting, I did start to think he overs where not winning as much as the unders so I did some research. my figures are
240 bets on the over market for a lose of -$200
25 bets over 9% lose of -$70
825 bets unders market +$480

You have to check the rules of the over/under basketball games of your bookmaker.