Bet365 Keep Limiting Me After 1-3 days

I need help from you guys. I keep being limited from Bet365 (it’s my fourth account now).

Yes I Use new sim card every account. I factory reset my phone (is that enough? or new phone is needed?), I bet small (average 10$), sometimes I bet something silly like 5x multi which i never won even once just to make sure it seems legit.

But yes, they keep on limiting me over and over again. I ran out of friends to create account now. This is literally my last account i can create from my last available friend. So i really need to make the best out of this, Please help me in detail on what i should do so prevent being banned.

And i got like 8 month of RebelBetting left, so if I keep being limited, I don’t even breakeven for this purchase :frowning:

For Admin who wants to check my subs and can’t find it on this account it’s because I registered wrong. You can check this account: seninselasasoftwareyt gmail

I’m in the same boat, while taking all the precautions. Bet365 accounts barely last a day before getting limited. I even tried to avoid betting on minor leagues, doesn’t make a big difference.

Yep, I even go as far as using a new phone for some of my accounts, which lasted longer though (3 days instead of literal 1 day). May I ask how much did you put money in? I only put like 500 (as recommended by RebelBetting for minimum deposit for value betting effectivity)

Bet365 has gone from most generous to stingiest bookmaker imo, I don’t blame them though. I’m burning accounts faster than calories this days, sad to say there’s nothing one can do to keep accounts open, in my case my accounts barely reach a week, I don’t take any precautions again at this point.

how much is your average bet?

I start accounts with 20 and go to 30 for the second day, now I’ll be starting accounts with 40 capping at maybe 70


How long have you had those 4 accounts? @Lm10 @William_Surya_Darma

did u ever get limited before making a profit?

Yes, I’ve been limited at a loss of -150

Not long ago, new accounts at most a month old with no bets placed.

Even though we’ll all be like it’s normal for new accounts to get gubbed quickly, let’s not forget how hard it is to find an old bet365 account.

How many accounts do you have that are currently limited? Have they ever failed to pay? I mean, as long as they keep paying, finding a new account for me would still be plausible.

Finding new accounts when nothing’s guaranteed can wear one down quickly, not even a day is a guaranteed :sweat_smile:not even a certain amount of turnover or profit is guaranteed, your first bet could be your last.

Yes, I’ve never had any issues with withdrawals from bet365.

Did you start valuebetting from the first bet?

Maybe it can be a good idea to bet a month or two on regular bets first?

I’m doing that on and Nordicbet now. Be a losing player for a couple of months before firing away valuebets.

What’s the more seasoned valuebetters take on that strategy?

The last acc i did lasted 7 days. I guess it’s summertime fault, because usually they run for a month, in summer there are less matches, less bets, less bettors so maybe this is why you get limited faster. However if they limit you in one day you are doing something wrong, it means that your accounts are almost immediately pinned in the top of 365 “check list”. Check my post about issues creating new account and valuebetting from day 0, maybe you will find something that you’re missing.


Run your 365 from a vps, Which gives you a different isp address. Or run your 365 from a hotspot with turning airplane mode on and off each time, to change your isp address. You dont wanna be showing same wifi as your connections that have been gubbed by 365.

which country are the accts based?

safer to prime an acct for a few weeks minimum

What strategies are you using to prime? Variety of bets on major leagues, longer odds than usual, more parlays, etc. or some more specific method? I just got my first Bet365 acct set up this week and I’m concerned about how fast I’ll get gubbed as well since I’m 22-8 (up 30%) on my first 30 bets with them.