Bet365, poor results?

Anyone else having a bad month with Bet365?

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Not really…

Yes tbh. After a great 2-3 months, the last week in particular has been dismal. I’ve dropped £1k since saturday- down to £9.5k. £1k in a week is an alarming drop, but happy to roll with the punches.

i’m used to down swings but £1200 since last Saturday? literally dropped off a knife edge. Reckon I’ve lost 80% of 500 bets. @totrashbin01 you been around the block longer then me- you had many drops that fast and sharp?

Yes. Lat year I had an atrocious 6-7 weeks… From beginning of December to somewhere in January. Before that I had never had a rolling four week period that went minus (actually my starting month was minus as well).
Usually I have them after an unusual great upswing.
We have to understand that if you, on average have 4% yield, but you are currently hugely over-performing that does not mean that you have “cracked” some secret filter settings. It just mean that you have diverged from the statistically expected outcome. It will correct over time, or more correctly with the number of bets (i.e. a downswing).
It is rare that bettors complain on the deviating up-swing… :innocent:


@totrashbin01 Good to hear you experiences too. Yes, it can be a bit bewildering when it’s just non stop loss, like the softwares suddenly malfunctioning or something. It’s just a sea of red, losing bets. But just gotta roll with the punches i guess.

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Of course I experience losses! Like a member wrote in a post about 15 months ago (i am not quoting literary) - one of the most difficult things can be the mental aspect of the value betting, and many times it is overlooked.

I’ve had a similar experience with Bet365 the last few months. My CLV is around 3.8, but my yield is just 0.4, even after placing more than 2100 bets. Also, I often find differences in the odds, the software usually shows higher odds than what Bet365 actually offers. Typically, out of every 10 matches, only 1 or 2 have odds that match up.

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Bet365 is overall performing great. We’ll soon publish a video where we dive into the Bet365 statistics and result of 2023. Stay tuned!

For someone who is going to sign up, this is not great news.

I have never had any issues with B365. Of course the odds sometimes have changed but I would estimate it to be less than 1/10 bets.
So I have quite different experience compared to what @youriberen has.

and what is your flat yield?


When the guy said he has problem with this bookie, he is saying all his bets are placed on this only bookie? Or its just the results from bet365 in the overall betting ?

same here, im new and im getting informations before starting but lots of posts are about people not making profit anymore…
Betinasia is dead for surebet?

Scherm­afbeelding 2023-12-11 om 20.21.17
Here are my results from Bet365

you only bet on bet365 or its just the results from the bet365 stakes from you surebets?

I only bet on value bets on bet365. No other bookies or sure bets.

wow, rebelbetting is giving “value bets” ok i didnt know, interresting

you will be limited soon by bet365, you have access to tons of accounts?

I’ve been at a loss for 30 days at bet365 and other sites, I’ve practically returned a lot of my profit, the bets are arriving late, when I go to check the odds they’ve already dropped a lot, I don’t know if it’s still worth it