Bet365 under review

I’ve received this email, and at the moment my account is completely restricted (can’t even place say a £1 bet on an acca). I don’t know what to do? Apparently I can request to withdraw money, but I would like to know is there any chance this account will be fine after the review? Or should I just try and take the money out and move on to a new account? Wonder if anyone else has had this happen.

Typical gubbing email

Withdraw your money and move on.

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Thank you for the reply! Also, is there any risk of money being trapped in the account? I want to make a new account right now but I still have unsettled bets in this account which won’t settle till later today? Should I wait till all money is withdrawn or should I be fine?

Wait for the unsettled bets, then withdraw.

Just weird as I’ve never had these sorts of messages before. Doesn’t seem like a normal trading decision when they usually just reduce you to tiny stakes

never heard about something like this, why would they want to speak with you via the telephone ?
Maybe they think that you have a gambling addiction so they want to check if you are mentally ok, but this is a little bit too much. Can you withdraw your money ?

These aren’t the standard gubbing emails. The standard gubbing email reads:

Following a review of your account by our Trading team, we regret to inform you that whilst our online service remains available to you, betting restrictions will be applied on any future bets placed and the Cash Out feature is no longer available to you.

The other email you can receive is this:

Due to the nature of your business, a decision has been made to close your account with immediate effect.

Any existing unsettled bets will remain open on your account and will be settled in the normal way.

This one will lead to you seeing the ‘your account is restricted’ message on login.

The one you have is a simple safer gambling call probably triggered by excessive deposit or betting. you might get away with a deposit limit. Worst case they restrict you and you can move on.

yeah i am going to get my mate to call them, hopefully account is still fine fingers crossed

haven’t tried yet, going to have my mate phone them and see what happens, if no joy ill try and withdraw which im assuming i can

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If it’s an account in someone elses name (your mate), make sure he’s aware of what kind of bets you;ve been betting. stake levels and that sort of thing. They will probably ask him what he does for a living. How much he earns and how much disposible cash he has. They’ll ask if he has problems with gambling. If he gets nervous or anxious when he bets etc. Just have to play it all off as everything is within your means and you don’t NEED to gamble. Never tell them the account is funded by a 3rd party or being played on by a 3rd party and you should be fine for getting the money out

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Yeah he’s been on the phone to them for ages! They’ve been asking him about his earnings and shit, like they have any right to even know all this stuff! :rage: is there any chance they’ll take the restriction off and let me continue? As it’s not even the trading department that’s looking at the account

This is the downside of getting someone else to let you bet under their i.d…and as regards your hope that they will lift restrictions…you are in dreamland. Take your cash out and forget it. Im lifelong banned from Bet365 , and so is everyone who happends to be at my address:(

Its worse if its Unibet because you will b ehammered across all brands NOT just them.

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Yeah I’m just gonna withdraw it all. Annoying as it’s the first account I’ve made after my main got gubbed, and it only lasted 2-3 weeks if that. On to the next one I guess:/

There’s a decent chance you’ll get teh account back if it’s safer gambling team. Depends how easy it is to replace the account for you but I think it’s worth taking it to it’s conclusion

yeah thats what i was thinking, hopefully! ive requested a withdrawal and will make another account when it clears as i dont know how long these reviews take, but hopefully i can go back on it

You would’ve just called them and spoke on behalf/as your friend if the call was just voice and not video, atleast note this for next time, i take it you know the people who you use their id very well? Like their occupation and those minor stuff? Solution above should suffice for easing the stress on them.

Chances of the getting that account back are very slim, like @Jacksonc77 said; it will be best to just get another account. Goodluck in your next account mate.

Has anyone who has used their friends account had their account just closed with the money in it and not able to withdraw?

That usually isn’t the case with bet365 accounts, can’t say the same for 1xbet😤

Closed yes, unable to withdraw no