Betfair 2% commision and value recalibration

Sometimes I find bets on Betfair but apparently, I have that 2% commission exchange plan.

So if the value bet is at 10% value, then I adjust the odds so I read 8% value and only then I log the bet.

Is this the right way to go about doing so?

I think commission is already calculated by the software

what happens if i register the bet on Betfair while the software presents it to me with another bookmaker?

Nothing happens, you just log it as a bet on Betfair as there isn’t an option to manually edit bookmaker for now

i mean should i adjust the odds so I subtract -2% commision from the value?

I think the odds shown to you has commission factored in already (not sure though)

Commission is factored into the value / sure bets. No need to do any calculations.

Will add this to the manual.

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how is the value reduction calculated?

when i cross bet to betfair, i adjust the odds so the value is substarcted by 2% which is my betfair commision plan.

For example if a bet on bet365 is 40% value but i place the bet on betfair instead with the same odds, I reduce the odds on my ‘log screen’ so the value reads 38%

Is this the right way to go about doing so?

Nope, the software calculates this before it reaches ypur screen, simom said this somewhere on the forum @Simon