Betfair 5% comission arbs - Calculated before or after?

Commission fee for BF is 5% while only getting 1-3% arbs on average.

I need to know if the 5% is calculated before or after the arb display?

If it’s before it will be a negative arb, causing me to lose money. For example, if the arb is 3% but the commission is 5%, the calcuation would be 3 - 5 = -2

In the example above, I will get a -2% arb before Betfair commission. If this is true, how is this viable? And what should you do?

However, if the arb calculation is done after commission, then everything is okay, the exchange is profitable.


We automatically calculate Betfair surebets using your commission.

Just make sure you have entered your commission in Options / Bookmaker setup / Betfair:


Yes, I see that option. I put 5% for my betfair commissions.

So the answers is after? The BF commission is calculated after the arb, which means its profitable?

When I see a BF arb, and manually put the odds into the arb calculator myself, the 5% commission still isn’t calculated in yet? Is it still profitable? I don’t think the arbs calculate the commissions?

If you enter your commission in the software, all arbs are recalculated using that commission. So what you see is what you get. :+1:t2:

I have the same question for Value Betting. I put a 2% commission for Betfair in the filter and a 3% or above value bet. If I win that bet, is it 3%? Is the value calculated after the deduction of 2% of the commission?

Yes, commission is already factored into bets displayed as you’ve already inputted 2% as your commission.

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