Betfair & Smarkets for value betting

Hey all,

Saw a video on Profit Boss youtube channel about using Betfair and SMarkets for value bets.

I presume someone else has used/is using these two exchanges - Would you share your results and thoughts? How many value bets per week?

Can you share the link to the video?

Betfair I’m down £1200 on 480 bets last 90 days.
Smarkets up £142 on 370 bets last 90 days.

It’s much harder to value bet on exchanges.

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I actually had decent results with Betfair. the main issue is that there are fey few bets and the odds change super fast. So it is hopeless to get the bank into play…

But do you think one will have a chance if they automated the betting?

Im down heavly with both smarkets and betfair.

Smarkets has the worst liquidity and is so frustrating to use.

I havnt a clue why he is trying to promote exchanges

Here’s a clue: REFERRAL FEES, as per everything he does.

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Sure. That would be on a more equal footing.

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i have used them both in the past, you will get a few bets per week…it is not worth it. Unless you will bet every day for a decade or so…this is the only way that you can accumulate any volume in term of bets. Hope this helps