BetFred App Doesn't Match RebelBetting?


Does anyone use BetFred for either value or sure betting?

I have an account with them, and their bets show up semi-regularly on my RB interface, especially value bets. However, I’ve noticed that when I visit the BetFred app (they are mobile-only now), the bets they list never, not even one time, match what RB displays. This always takes one of two forms: a) The event in question is nowhere to be found at all in BetFred, or b) The event exists in BetFred, but not the specific market RB lists.

At first, I thought this might be because I am using the BetFred Arizona app, and the bookies-by-country spreadsheet lists BetFred Iowa. So, just to test what was happening, I downloaded the BetFred Iowa app and have started checking it against RB when I see their bets. Turns out, best I can tell, BetFred IA is identical to BetFred AZ, and neither of them ever match Rebelbetting.

Any ideas what’s going on here? And if it’s not fixable for the forseeable future, should I just cross BF off my list?.. Would be unfortunate, since there are so few viable bookies in the USA, but oh well.

Thanks for any help you can offer guys!

Missing markets and events are common for US bettors, especially events in lower divisions of other countries in Europe, Africa, Asia etc

Don’t cross it off yet as bets on popular leagues in those regions still pop up.

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Hey mate, I’m US-based as well, and yes you are correct, the US-books only offer odds on US markets (NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, College, etc), as well as some larger non-US stuff (Premier League, Tennis, etc). I’d recommend using as many US books as possible (I’m currently using Barstool, Fanduel, DK, Caesar’s, BetMGM, and Bet365) so you can get enough volume - if you’re only using BetFred you’re never going to place a value bet

Oh yeah, I’m using lots of different books, I was just wondering why the BetFred app wasn’t matching the bets RB records for them.

Are you saying the bets the RB software is pulling are only available on BetFred UK and not the US apps? Would be weird cuz it’s mostly college basketball and Australian Open stuff I’ve seen not match RB, but still, I guess it makes sense overall.

Def still spreading my bets accross as many bookies as I can though, cuz with how few we get in the US once we get limited on a few of them it’s basically gg lol.

That’s the thing, it’s been USA basketball, Aussie Open, and like one Man City soccer/football game I remember that haven’t been consistent between the RB software and what BetFred actually displays.

It would make more sense to me if it was some obscure stuff but it really hasn’t been. I have low-tier leagues filtered out on RB anyway…

Guess I’ll keep them in the rotation and just have to do the extra legwork each time they pop up to see whether the bet I’m being shown actually exists in the US books :slight_smile:

That’s weird. Maybe it’s an API issue. Perhaps one of the developers on here can answer this question