Bethard, Sportmarket, Coolbet not showing up

Coolbet is old news but I don’t think I’ve seen any bets on Bethard or Sportmarket in a couple of weeks. You guys having the same issues?

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I could replicate the same with the arbitrage software but it does show other SBTech clones. So short term just add another SBtech clone such as 10bet or ComeOn instead.

to support: any idea when coolbet is coming back?


while on the topic of SBtech bookies I believe I haven’t seen a single O/U arb with a SBTech bookie for more than a month. allthough I’ve stumbled upon some pretty big O/U arbs while just looking through markets manually.

Sorry, I don’t know that yet. We’re working on it! I know they are super important for many of you guys.