BetInAsia odds changing

I think because BetInAsia have many bookmakers the odds are not getting exactly.
I just have the black account, and the 3 times I checked, the odds were differente…
Gonna try more times to see if it changes!

hey. i have the same problem. and i checked like 10+ times. the odds are always way below the odds stated on vb.

Thanks for reporting! We’ll look into this to see if there is anything that can be done to improve the situation. Sorry for the inconvenience.


It seems that Rebel betting uses IBC odds to formulate value bet odds. This can be seen from BetInAsia Black account odds graph history

Unfortunately IBC bookie is no longer available through BetInAsia Black account. I confirmed this from BetInAsia directly


Was this ever looked into? I’ve checked like 20 arb’s today for Betinasia and not one of them was actually accurate…

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Man, after 5 months with the softs, some houses are too fast… betinasia is one of them.
Get out of it.
(I did not try this)
You increase the time table of tipos for 1 day, instead of half day standard, maybe betinasia´s odds can be reached…
But, my feeling is: they monitor softwares like this one and change the odds fast.

Thanks for responding.

Not sure what you mean when you said increase the time table…you mean only take arbs that are at least 1 day out or longer?

No, I expressed myself poorly…
I mostly use value betting, not arbitrage betting but… if I remember correctly, both softwares have an option to tweak the time frame of tips you get…
An example: by default, I think, both programs get tips with 12 hours from the games…
But, if you go to OPTIONS>>>BETS>>> You can see something like “hide bets within more than…” and you can set it up… sometimes, when I dont have time in the following day to use the program, I tweak to get tips from games 24 early…
Arbitrage must be different, the odds are even faster than value betting… that´s why I rather the last one.
BUT, to summarize: try to see if you have some options in the software to show arbitrages that will happen 2, 3, 4 days in the future… or more!

Hi everyone,

As we checked, we have resolved the issue as soon as it was reported. The discrepancies happened because of outdated odds in the feed, mostly by SBO. In this case, we are no longer offering SBO and IBC odds to our BLACK trading platform, and the issue should not happen anymore.

We hope that everything will work smoother in the future.

Hello, I have the same problem with BetInAsia. The software shows me about 50 valuebets but not a single odd is correct or even close to the displayed odd. Furthermore it shows me values from -5 to 20% although I have a minumum value at 2%…
please help me

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The BetInAsia trading tool integrated odds and limits from multiple bookmakers and exchanges all from one single account. The odds feed is checking the value odds from the markets and provides an alert. Once you open the Bet-Slip you will see multiple odds which are shown for every bookmaker and exchange separately which can be a little confusing since they are changing fast. You can select the odd which is shown for the value bet or insert it manually for the software to process it from all the available bookies and exchanges. For more info, you can check our blog article
Thank you.

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I have the same problem.
BetInAsia odds were working for the most part past few weeks but now few days not working properly.

Only E-sports odds are correct

For some reason Rebel betting is showing negative value bets even though I have set edge at 2.3 %


yay . it seems like most of the odds are outdated. if you go to the 24h odds screen in black, most of the time you find the stated odds around 2 hours ago.

esports odds are working most of the times but also not all of them

right now, i’m searching for really high value bets like 15% + , sometimes the lower odds still offer some value with those

update: draws seem to work sometimes


I think it could be working now… yesterday i didn’t get any bet with Betinasia and today there were like 5/6 until now and every odd was quite near the displayed odd. Maybe 0.01 - 0.02 difference, so they offer still value. :+1:


Great to hear. Good work @BetInAsia :slight_smile:


in your opinion it is a good idea to enter the odds of the value to place the bet with betinasia and wait for the odds to match maybe before the game starts. if the fee is not combined, you will be reimbursed.

Hi, how is it going?

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