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Orbit exchange:

Min stake amount?

I see that liqidity is same as betfair in early markets, so the only benefit would be lower commission and no premium charge?

Just checked liqudity in a couple of markets. Almost same as betfair exchange.


Orbit Exchange is a white-label powered by Betfair. It has the same markets, odds, and liquidity as you would get via the Betfair exchange. It has Cash out feature as well.

The commission on Orbit Exchange is 3% on winning bets, and we do not have premium charges. The minimum bet starts at 6 EUR.

Thank you.


You have the option to keep bet in play.
But it would have been nice if I were able to decide for how long and not the entire match. I have a bot that can do that, but it could be nice without.

It keeps the bet in-play for lets say 15 min and if not matched within that time, it get cancelled.

With further investigation I found this: Betinasiaused to have IBC bookie but not any more as I was informed by them. But in their price graph, IBC is still there meaning also that their API broadcast the price. This results in false bets appearing on the VB platform. Below I have an example, you can clearly see that those high odds are only at IBC broker as seen in the graph. This is the problem. The same thing apply to Sportmarket as both platforms use mollybet.

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Hi @Maverick01, that is always possible to be done on BetInAsia BLACK by setting the “Timeout” parameter on the bet-slip. It can be set to 5 sec, up to 72h, and so if you use it combined with the “Keep open when match goes in running” option ticked, it will do the trick.

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Hi @paiktis. BetInAsia odds presented on the RebelBetting platform do not take the IBC price into consideration. Only the offered bookies on the BLACK platform are ‘competing’ for the top price.
The Price history graph is only a representation of how the market moves, but it doesn’t have a connection with the actual offered prices on BetInAsia BLACK.
We can only speak for our platform, while Sport market might still have this option, although it’s highly doubtful considering what is the IBC’s most recent market approach.
From what you presented in the screenshot, it’s not BetInAsia price that you saw that was wrong. If you do run into an example where our price is not correct, please do let us know and we can investigate further. Thank you.

Indeed the above picture is from Sportmarket, my mistake I confused the pics. But this problem remains. The graphs of price still show the IBC price on both . So IBC’s high price emits through the API and shows as value on the platform. You shall remove IBC at all from the graph. Below a pic also having IBC as top price on the graph.

Hi @paiktis,

Thanks again for the update. BetInAsia as we mentioned previously has already removed SBO and IBC offers from our best price feed. The graph you are seeing is only a visualization that is not sending IBC odds data through the API. They are excluded, for example, we have Penta88 offers competing for the top price but is not shown on the visual graph.

We are working to correct that visualization to be updated as soon as possible.
Additionally, because the offers are from sharp bookmakers the odds are soon changed due to high action from professionals using the platform.

Best Regards,


I have not seen a singl bet turn up in the last 12h or so from BetInAsia (and Sportmarket btw as well - same software as it seems). It worked reliably the past few days…

It’s working again today and better than ever :slight_smile:

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@GoingForGold Thanks for the update. We will work on making it more stable.

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It seems that something is still wrong with betinasia odds because all odds that appear in betinasia have the odd below the value set in vb. I have checked today more than 20 odds and all of them were under de value…

Please can you check it?

Thank you in advance.

Hi Supertocy. Same here. And same goes for Ladbrokes as well since at least several weeks.

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Hi RebelBettors, we will investigate what is causing this issue. The odds were presented correctly until recently.

Thanks for notifying us. We will keep you posted


Hi team :trophy:

We are pleased to inform you that the September Cashback is added to your BetInAsia BLACK accounts. :smiley:
Feel free to contact us via email at or via Live chat at any time.

@BetInAsia I opened a Black account about 4 days ago, and can’t seem to place bets on Pin88 or Sing2. It just gives a failed status. ISN seems to be okay. Is this a technical problem over at Mollybet right now, or something wrong with my account? I have contacted support, they don’t know what day it is.

Hi @sloane01!

There was an issue with Pin88 and Singbet odds that affected the platform unfortunately. That should be back to normal now, but please do let us know if you encounter any other problems.

Apologies for the cause inconvenience. Hope that you are otherwise enjoying your BetInAsia BLACK betting experience!

Hello RebelBetting community :wave:

We are happy to inform you that the Black Friday offer has arrived, and is valid for new and existing BLACK accounts :smile:

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Hello RebelBetting community :wave:

Thanks for the great year, and a happy New Year with plenty of success. We hope you make the most of 2022! :partying_face:

We are happy to inform you that we have added the December cashback to your BLACK accounts and that we got you covered in the new year as well! The Cashback promo keeps on rolling in 2022!

Please let us know if you have any comments or suggestions. You can always reach us via email at, live chat, or social media at any time. :handshake:

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