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Hello RebelBetting community,

BetInAsia is a betting brokerage established in 2011 with the vision to deliver an exceptional quality service to our betting professionals. BetInAsia BLACK is a betting platform that offers real-time odds and aggregated limits from a comprehensive list of Asian bookmakers and exchanges. BLACK will give you single access to Pinnacle Sports, Singbet, 3et, 18bet, BETISN, Penta88, and JAbet together with the exchanges Betfair, Betdaq, and Matchbook.

We aspire to provide qualified customer service and for all your questions, you can use this topic thread and we will respond as soon as possible. Of course, you can always contact us via email at or via Live chat.

We believe that sports betting should not have any obstructions. Be sure to check out this special offer and register as a RebelBetting user to have a Cashback or Deposit Bonus on your BLACK account.

Thanks for the information, but you don’t offer UK or USA bettors! * wish you did!*

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Yes, unfortunately we have restrictions for players from the UK, USA, France, Sweden, Turkey, Singapore and North Korea due to BetinAsia licence requirements.

Can users get limited by bookmakers BLACK provides access to, even if BLACK itself don’t limit?

Hi @poppet1290, thanks for your question. BLACK users do not get limited whatever their overall result is. That is a great advantage of BetInAsia BLACK compared to other bookies.

Please find more info in our help section: BLACK platform offer

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Fantastic! I’ve just signed up :grinning:

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Betinasia is very hard to understand, after click on a valuebet you get into the black-betinasia website, then you need to manually look for the bet, eventually after finding the specific Handicap or Asian Handicap the “value” odd is already gone or when Rebelbetting says to place like 5 or 10 euro’s sometimes the minimum amount to stake is 18?

And it sometimes take a while for the order to be placed on the bookmaker where the odd is available.

I think the best idea would be to do a valuebet request and hope someone will match your bet before kick off.

Might not get all matched, but some if you are lucky.

Im not sure but I think this reqeust cover more bookies.

Well doesnt really make it fast and easy, then you need to check all bets if it is actually placed.
I did today 30 of 100 bets available in Bet in asia. Almost all 30 the odds where completly diferent than valuebetting shows you and the min stake is insane high sometimes reaching 100 €.

I thought because of the insane amount of available value bets I would start valuebetting with betinasia but it is not really the best choice :neutral_face:

  1. Min stake is between 1 and 100 (so I cant use a bankroll management
  2. Long time for any bet order is actually complete
  3. All odds are different
  4. Manual searching


BetInAsia BLACK works as a betting platform that integrates multiple Asian bookmakers and Exchanges all from one single access. To better understand how to use the tools available, you can check our detailed Blog article, where we have a video tutorial.

The discrepancies can sometimes happen because of outdated odds in the feed, but this issue rarely occurs when the refresh was not instant, and the change happened in the seconds in between. Regarding the odds, every bookmaker connected has its own odds offers and different minimum stake. The odds in the value bet you see is the top price on BLACK from all the bookmakers available to the BetSlip. It is either below the bookmaker minimum stake or above the bookmaker odds for a bet to fail. In this case, the best way to ensure your bets being placed is by selecting the minimum odds.

All bookmakers have a different minimum stake, but not 100 EUR. Here is the list of the minimum stakes:
-Penta88: 1 EUR
-Sing: 4 EUR
-3et: 10 EUR
-Pinnacle: 18 EUR

To complete the bet order faster, you can set the placement time at the top of the Bet-Slip to a minimum time of 5sec and above.
Regarding manual searching is valuable feedback, and our team is working on having an update as soon as possible.

If I set 5 sec.
Then it will take 5 sec to get bet placed comfirmation?

Hi @Maverick01. The time set in the Bet-slip would represent the MAXIMUM time it would stay open. So you can set the minimum odds, and attempt to place your order within the time you would set, anywhere between 5 sec and 72h.

This is helpful if you expect the market to move, so you would automate the placement on BLACK. As soon as the parameters are met, order filled, the order is placed (closed).

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Where can I find the minimum stake for all bookmakers in BLACK? You just named some.


All bookmakers have a different minimum stake but as general advice, we suggest placing 10 EUR bets in order to process and not skip your bet placed due to lower stake value.

  • Penta88: 1 EUR
  • Sing: 4 EUR
  • ISN: 6 EUR
  • 3et: 10 EUR
  • Pinnacle: 18 EUR
  • 18bet: 10 EUR
  • Accumulator bets: 0.6 EUR

i have watched betinasia valueodds for 3days now, none of them are correct. just as when it pops up i go to search for the bet and never there is the same odd. not even close. Does others experience the same?


Same here, the odds are never there. Most propably the Api is slow because bookies lik ISN, Pinnacle , 3et etc are sharp and odds change quickly.
Also to test it i put the same time in Value software Betinasia and those 3 brokers seperately , betinasia show no VB when the same time ISN showed. Immediately I went in Betinasia to place the bet. But I saw that the isn broker was not there despite the fact that the price was on the history graph of the broker and on the first page. Maybe Betinasia block the brokers that have value on specific markets? dont know…
U2 @ 2.28 nowere found to bet on it


2.28 everywhere but not on betslip

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Again a same situation. 3et value bet but no 3et option to bet on Betinasia

So most propably if the broker has value, betinasia do not have the broker option so it wont show through Betinasia Api and if a match shows through their api maybe it changes too fast or our software sees it with much delay. Please also make tests yourself so we know what is really happening

Hi everyone,

Thank you for your feedback. We have sent the examples to our Dev team to check what can be the lag between the value odds shown and those from the BetSlip.
Once we have an update we will inform you in the next post.

Thank you again.