BetInAsia with setting of Bet365 - valuebet

Good evening everyone!
I wanted some advice from people who have been betting for a while or who are familiar with the RB software.
Starting from the assumption that I know it may seem stupid, but is it possible to use the bet365 setting to place bets on BetInAsia to generete a long term profit?
I’ll explain.
Suppose there is a match with odds of 1.90 on bet365, obviously this will not be the case on BIA, as the difference that I have noticed varies between 0.1 and 0.25 for each odds.
Obviously if I place that bet on BIA, with the relative odds lowered (for example 1.75), the tracker detects that the valuebet percentage becomes negative.
But if I want to aim only for the outcome, always using the bet suggested by the software (e.g. 8.00 euros), in the long term is it possible that the balance will still go to zero?
The final outcome would be the same as on bet365 obviously, but with reduced profits.
Do you think it’s feasible?

I wouldn’t bet those 1.75 odds.

It’s never about the outcome it’s all about the odds.

Let’s say you have 2.10 odds on b365 and -0.15 on bia so 1.95. Propability is 50%

Let’s say you bet 10€ per match and log 1000 bets (Happens relatively fast)

With b365 you’ll make 500€ profit (expected) and lose 250€ on bia.

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No it is not feasible.
. The way you ask the question shows that yo do not understand the principles, and math, behind over priced odds (i.e value bets).

The only feasible way is to input odds gotten at BIA and see if there’s any positive edge left in the bet, if there’s then you take it, if it’s negetive then bail. This also has its pitfalls as the edges will be significantly lower thus resulting in very low clv(if not negative clv), be careful and do some further research. Goodluck mate.

Not exactly what he asked though…