BETINIA and other similar clones

Hello my fellow gamers. This post is mostly for swedish people, but perhaps there is someone else that can help.

I was having a very good run on Svenbet but after realizing they can take my money whenever they want I withdrew my money and put it into Betinia. It’s a clone of Svenbet with a swedish license.

Therefore my question to you is if anyone have been using Betinia and are happy to tell me about it. I have realized that there is a lot of value, but I do want to be secure before I put in more money. So if you have any nightmare stories, or the other way around, I am happy to hear. And also if someone gotten gubbed from Betinia? And how long did that take?

Is there anyone that can tell me how good for us consumers the swedish license is? Do we have rights and stuff like that when a site is licensed? Svenbet was not licensed, but Betinia is.

Theres a lot clones for betinia, u can see all of them here :
But most of them look sketchy af, im currently using one called powbet and so far theres no problem fr withdraws.
Let us know if u find a reliable one among that list :pray:

Yup, I saw that list. Betinia is so far working for me, haven’t tried withdrawals yet. But the fact that they have swedish license protects me for withdrawals.

I played on Svenbet before and I got my money out, but not sure if I would be willing to put money back there. Perhaps, but ill go for the licensed first. Powbet is not available in my country unfortantely.