Betonline malfunctioning, not paying out win bets on Esports

Betonline stopped paying out winning bets on Esports. I contacted their customer service, but I have five winning bets that paid out zero. If you use Betonline, check your bets because your “value” bets are worthless if you can’t win.

I’m sorry to hear this! Were the bets voided by them? Have they said why this happened? I haven’t heard any other customer complain about this with Betonline before.

I am happy to report that they paid the wagers quickly. But I still wanted to let the community know. The other bets on Betonline seem to be working. It appears that they have a glitch with Esports. In fairness to them, they responded to my online chat request in about 15 minutes, pretty darn quickly.

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Bethard also has the same issue. Be careful!!