Betting brokerage


I am from Singapore, and understand that some brokerage are not available in my country.

Does anyone know which brokerage fits to my country of residence?

Also, if I were to use the affiliated brokerage such as, are the brokers offered sufficient for ValueBetting?


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Sharp bookies are not recommended for value betting


I am using sportmarket. It can be done but don’t expect much more than 1% ROI. But if you have a 10.000 EUR bank for example and only place 10 bets a day you should still make around 300 EUR per month. If you can get 10 2% value bets per day you should double that.

You can however only use 3et, Dafabet (gone at the moment) and 18bet feeds @ rebel for sportmarket and prices are not always correct. But you will still get quite a few value bets.

Otherwise if you can get an online account with 18bet. They probably won’t close down winning accounts and they will give you a number of value bets per day.