Betting from the UK

Hi, I’m based in the UK and fairly new to this - I think I am going to struggle with the idea of only betting on evenings and wkends (value betting), as I’m aiming for 25-30 bets per day and the way I have been achieving this is by betting for periods of about 20-30 mins at various stages in the day in order to get a good distribution and adequate number of bets - anyone have thoughts on this?

I was planning on hammering the bets until I get limited and then move onto a broker such as Asian Connect - has anyone in UK had experience using these? Perhaps the broker would not get me to 25-30 bets either?


Ive been asking the same question-- Icant get a response from anyone living in the UK that uses AsianConnect. My initial feelings about the concept are +ve, but as they are not regulated in the UK, I worry about what happens with my monies

UK residents should be able to join AsianConnect using a VPN. I just had a chat with them.


Thanks for this Hanna - I assume there would be no issue in taking money out frequently from AsianConnect to deal with the concern of them not being regulated in UK?
Do you think there is enough going on there to ensure we can get to roughly 30 bets per day?
Betting throughout the day would make things easier as opposed to evenings and weekends…

This is what they told me:

"We have a lot of customers from UK and as of now they don’t experience any error with their transaction. I suggest, try to register first and be verified. Kindly comply with our KYC’s requirements to be verified for better assurance. I just also want to add that customers from UK can be accepted by Asianconnect but the can’t open an account on PS3838. "

I have asked them to also set up a member account here in our RebelBetting community. This way you can always ask questions to them directly.

Regarding how many bets you can get with AsianConnect - I am not sure. This differs a lot depending on the choice of bookmaker, season, time of day, time of the week, sport, etc.

Thanks for this info Hanna - I guess I will just have to dive in and see what happens - perhaps it will allow me to be more cautious with other accounts

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