Betting Pro Chris Symcox shares his story on how he became a full-time betting coach

From truck driver to full-time betting coach

RebelBetting has teamed up with sports betting pro Chis Symcox (Profitboss on Youtube). In this intro video, Chris shares his personal journey of how he went from truck driving to becoming a full-time betting coach. Check it out!

How I became a betting coach - RebelBetting Newsletter

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Ive seen him before. He knows nothing about betting or trading on the exchanges. He is just doing matched betting and value betting but his actual knowledge of sport is limited. He will just try and get you to hit one of his affiliate links but betting coach he is definitly not

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Lool, i disagree with you. He is the reason i started sport betting since 2021 and its been awesome since then. He is the reason i’m here today.

LOL>I am on about his sports knowledge and his trading experience on the exchanges. LOL. Matched betting and making you click an affiliate link he is very good at that.
If you say hello to him he will send you an affiliate link to respond lol

Ok, he’s making money from match betting, thats one fact i know because i have made money from his teaching. Also everything i know about matchbetting/sportbetting/valuebetting, i learned starting from him. So saying he doesn’t know about it does not sound right.

Only a person who knows about these things would have a youtube channele teaching people for free, also take an extra effort to go live weekly for Q and A which you have said he does not respond to and he even go the extra mile to research new knowledge and investment opportunities for his community.

Find time to know about who you are speaking about.

I know who he is. Profit Boss is a group he is involved in but saying I dont know what im speaking about is a little rude> We all have our opinions and views so please try and be respectful. Please dont be rude and say I dont know what im speaking about. He makes money from affiliate links thats all I said but if im wrong please correct me.
Im not sure if you understood what I mean. He is not someone who has sports knowledge because you dont need this for matched betting so @das2king you proably need to read what ive wrote. I was saying he is not someone who will give you help with exchanges or choosing bets because thats not what he does. He teaches matched betting and makes his money when you click on the links he sends out. Thats all I said