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Guys what’s the name of the software that bets for you in different bookies? I got my odds decreased in 1xbet😭 I’ve been away for vllalue betting for a year since this happened. Feel like going for it again but the only bookie I could use in Portugal was 1xbet.i know there’s a site or software that bets anonymous for you in different bookies but I don’t remember the name. Can someone tell me and give me some tips about it? Many thanks

I use asianodds - it gives me access to ISN, SBO, Pinny and Singbet

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Asian odds now has odds from 3ET as well as the others I listed above

We support 3ET and Sportmarket, which are both excellent brokers.
Very soon we will also add another one! :slight_smile:

Se all our supported bookmakers.

i dont think they allow portuguese players since its not avaiable in the registration list! :frowning:

i see you suport those sites! but i cant access them in my country i need a middle bookie like asianconnect to bet! but asianconnect only alows me pinnacle! so its not viable! i need more options to analyze!

have u tried 3et, sportmarket, betinasia, Premium Tradings, vodds, Bet-IBC…etc?

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