Betting with account limitations

Hi guys! Just after 1300 bet, bet365 decided to limit my account.

I noticed that bet365 still let me bet, but with less stake per bet. I also noticed that for different bets i could use different stakes. What if I bet, for example, 10€ for some bets and 2€ for other bets? Does this make a mess to my “stats”? Or riskier?

doesn’t matter, you can’t beat them!!
Bet 100 bet 1, doesn’t matter, if your profiting your account will get limited, rebelbetting valuebetting is a very temporary service, I got 6 weeks out of it before it became useless. I did make £700 though, so not too shabby.

Been getting accounts limited after 4 days and nearly £100 down , just can’t see how people are making £1000’s, any advice?

Only 6 weeks? In this forum i read about people that still valuebet after 6 months!

4 days? Really? How much was your stake per bet?
I think that my mistake has been using over 15€ per bet. After that, bet365 sended me a “play responsible” message. 2 days later (and after start betting 23€ per bet) they limited my account :frowning:

bet365 has limited me today on 3 accounts opened in the last 2 days and another 2 opened 3 weeks ago. apparently today they have taken drastic measures and they have also made a subscription here :wink:

Between £10-£15 and around 20 bets per day, still got plenty of bookies to use but not sure if I’ll make my 3 month subscription back :frowning:

:face_with_open_eyes_and_hand_over_mouth: tough times, never gonna beat the bookies

Don;t believe it, 6 months only possible with multiple id’s and multiple accounts, which is troublesome in it’s own right, but nowadays they mark your ip down aswell as name, along with address so any new accounts say using a wifes at the same address on the same ip, would get flagged and restricted within hours, regardless if it’s 50p bets or £50 bets.

Another terrible day of losses , I made more money doing ‘normal’ bets on markets I know! The last time I made losses this quick is when I invested in crypto!

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hmm strange even with my limitations this past few days/week have been one of the smoothest upcurves i’ve had.

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