Betting with limited accounts

Hi guys, I have been using RB for a few months and it’s indeed a great product. However, I’m from Italy and have moved to the UK, and after a while all my accounts have been limited. I have tried to open new ones with some friends but it’s seems impossible to successfully use a VPN or change location with bet365. This has just resulted in all my new accounts being blocked after a few days. I will keep betting with a few limited accounts which allows me to put on an average stake of 10€ more or less. I’ve read through the community and I have seen that some of you have already been doing this. My question is regarding the stake sizing, since it can happen frequently that I don’t reach the recommended size due to limitations, while other times I could be betting more. How do you manage stake sizing with limited accounts? I have done a few 100s bets already but haven’t seen any progress in the PNL, which is why I’m wondering if not being able to fully respect the Kelly could be erasing all my potential progress. Thanks.