BetTracker chart Improvement and small fixes August 21 2023


  • BetTracker chart now shows your exact profit during the selected period. We also removed the 1 week chart since it only caused varianxiety (a word I just made up).
  • Dark mode improvements: highlight animation when new bets arrive, reports and the bet tracker.
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Removing the weekly is a terrible idea especially for us more experienced bettors, this was my only source to monitor CLV in the short term, so I can make small adjustments along the way, I would vote to bring it back, because personally for me this hampers my experience, not help.

You can still view all your detailed stats on the Reports page: RebelBetting

Hi SImon, I did make a thread about it, but since I got you here, ill just paste it over as to why the page you talk about does not help specifically with what I was using the results tab graph for:

I understand there’s a longer way to get to these results via going into reports, then changing the graph etc etc but they used a smoothed line on that graph which does not help me, whereas on the chart on the results tab it’s not smoothed out allowing me to see the negative CLV bets, even the tiny ones, I can’t do that anymore. Which is seriously going to negatively effect my experience, I know it’s probably been removed for noobs chasing short term riches to try keep them on board longer, I get it’s a business but us experienced traders/bettors used this as a valuable tool for short term changes to settings.

The reports page shows P/L per day, I can’t see any reason why you would want a more detailed chart than that – it’s impossible to know which bet caused a tiny dip.

I suggest you export the BetTracker instead, which includes CLV.

We will also add CLV to the BetTracker list, which might help you.

adding CLV the the standard results list would be amazing, when is this getting done.

I get why removing the weekly chart make sense in terms of variance and over analysing results, but surely a warning might be better? I like to know at least directionally what has happened with the bets I am placing recently and I don’t want it aggregated up to a daily level.

A slightly more annoying thing for me is that it seems to be wrong…well actually I hope it is right and the table is wrong! I have only been signed up for a little over 2 weeks and currently my profit is £272 according to the table, yet the chart shows £314 on the monthly view (and all of the others)…why are these different?

Maybe make it a setting, like a ghost setting, where weekly option of chart is by default “disabled” but those of us that were clearly using it, and not noobs scared by a sudden down line, can enable it and continue to use it as we were before. That way the noobs don’t get it as default, and have no reason to find to enable it unless they get to a point where deep analysis to a weekly/daily level is everyday job, like for myself.

Good spotted, should be fixed now!

I didn’t count negative value bets (you had one).

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Sorry, no :slight_smile:

My pro. bet tracker is not updating results accurately. Many bets are being missed. for example ? I have 28 pending/unsettled bets on betfair showing in my tracker dating back to 31 July. They should all have been settled. Also I have 16 bet 365 bets which are showing as pending. ( on checking b365, these were all void bets)
Am I missing something in settings or is the tracker just not working properly.
I really do need to be able to trust it.
Apart from this, I love the program.

Some bets are difficult for us to settle with high accuracy. This is mostly affecting tennis bets where a player withdraws due to injury. Bookmakers will grade the bets differently from each other depending on their tennis rules. To decrease the risk of grading wrong we have currently chosen to leave these as pending for manual grading.

To see all bets which have finished but failed to grade select “Unsettled” in the “Show” dropdown at the bottom of the BetTracker.