BetTracker: Resettled bets 7/1 2021

We’ve corrected a bug in the grading process. The bug affected some asian handicap and over / under bets.

Far from all users had bets which were affected. For the majority of you who were affected it was only one or two bets. It was nice to see that the overall profit change was positive. So most of the users with corrected bets have actually done better than we previously thought!

We haven’t processed any bet which you have manually graded yourself.

If you have placed many bets and your corrected bets were placed a long time ago you might experience a delay the next time you visit the BetTracker.

If you have any questions regarding your bets with respect to this, drop us a message to

Thanks for the reports regarding incorrectly settled bets!

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thanks for letting us know! Unfortunately, for me, the change was incorrect. A bet from 17 Dec (hockey, AH -0.5), was previously correctly counted as a loss and was changed to a win - which was not correct. Took me forever now to find it and change it back to loss…

Sorry about that. Only about 800 of more than a million bets were changed so sorry to hear that we caused you troubles. You could always contact support in these cases so we can let you know which bets we changed so you don’t have to search manually.

Could you please contact with a reference to this thread so we can check the bet again. Thanks.

no problem. Actually, it was one of those hockey bets DNB AH that we were talking about in the other thread. I guess I made the “wrong” bet, assuming it was regular time only, because it did not state overtime included. By the way, is there an update on that? For me it is not clear yet when to bet on regular time only, and when to bet on overtime included