BetTracker: Resettled bets

We detected that some bets were graded wrong. Today we corrected these. Some of you might see a slight difference in your running profit.

This update affected less than 0.1% of the logged bets so most of you are not affected. The good news is that the profit of these bets were increased.

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That was great!!!!!!!!!!

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@RoyCao are you on WhatsApp And do you speak English

Yes, I can. I talked to you in private.

Could it be that you still have some issues with the correct results in the bet-tracker?
Today I made a quick cross-check for some new bookies I added to my portfolio and recognized that the results here are different to that what I can see in my bookies account.
To be honest it is hard to check all of the bets if you bet about 60-70 bets per day, but I found already 3 bets which were tracked as won and in reality it was a lose.
I am a little bit affraid about the correctness of the data in the bettracker since some weeks but today I had to figure out in fact I was right. :frowning:

Today I found another bet which was tracked as a win but in reality it was a loss.


Yes, you are right. I go through all my bets every day. It happens a few times a week that winning bets are registered as losers or vice versa (normally the former).

We’re looking into this!

In the meantime. When you notice a wrongly graded bet you can update the result and press save and your profit/stats will be recalculated.

Did you already found something? Regarding my bets it seems to be happened especially for 5dimes bets.

I know that I can change it manually, but it is a lot of work to check any bet if it is graded correct or not. Right now I only check evry bet I lost at the bookies and compare it with the bettracker. Unfortunately I find continously bets where it was not correct.