Beware of -0.5 AH

Recently I’ve seen several good looking bets for the Finnish and Swedish ice hockey leagues for either team -0.5AH, which is exactly the same as that team winning on regular time. As I am being very suspicious about the RB Pro I’ve checked these bets and so far ALL of them would have either been -EV or at best about breakeven.

Why bet something at 1.83 when you could get the same stuff in different package for 1.85+…

(Also for football remember to check whether “draw no bet” or AH+0 has higher odds)

Be careful out there!

Another example:
Jyp Jyväskylä -0.5AH @2.28 value 7.4%… (yeah right)
straight win on Coolbet would be @2.35.
Veeeeery doubtful.
What is going on here? I am double checking every bet now which makes this whole thing a lot slower, but less expensive for me.

there is something wrong with the hockey bets, see my thread about the bet tracker.
looks like they get the odds from betfair, which doesnt specify that it is in fact ocertime included (but it always is for hockey). so RB assumes it is regular time only and compares it to regular time only bets. So there are a lot very high value bets on hockey currently…

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