Bookmakers Limit

I started 7.10 value betting and now at 9.10 with three bookers limits.

2 days !

62 bets – ~@2 / 10€ bet

With a profit of ~200e

Willijam Hill
Mr Green

Just unbelievable shit with these bookers.

Conclusion; Only a losing bettor is a good bettor for these.

Stay away!

Today, I guess the rest of the bookkeers set the limits

Day 3

With Expect & SBO limits on then today.

SBO I can still place bets from 1 to 50e
Expect 10e > 3-4e bet

This great service is useless to me. I hope others will work.

Well, this is now tested and I’ll move on to the knowledge base.

Next step for me, pyckio service to the test.

Good luck to everyone!