Brazil lower league soccer betting on Betfred

Does anyone know where obsure lower league soccer betting is on Betfred such as the Brazil lower league. Cant seem to find it when they come in.

might not be available in your region. I see bets come through on my trade feed for lower league stuff on Draftkings and Bet365, for example, but since I am based in the US, I only see US sports on the app (and some major Euro sports like EPL and EuroLeague BB and whatnot)

Ive phoned Betfred up and have them talk me through how to locate bets…even their Staff agree its not easy! They claim they had a search bar previously but removed it, because people complained it slowed down their Site! BS I say…Betfred is practically unusable for value bets …as the value has disappeared before you can find the bet…would love if some wiser person could show us all how to quickly find bets on Betfred :slight_smile:

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Me too, books without search bars are unusable for me even if they don’t gub😅. Maybe try their mobile app if they have one.

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i called them,they say their app doesnt allow search either! they dont want business :slight_smile: