Broken Betano links for Bulgaria


The Betano links are incorrect for users from Bulgaria. The links are forwarding to ro[.]betano[.]com, which is inaccessible in Bulgaria and the links end up with a “banned country” warning. The correct URL for Bulgarian users is betano[.]bg (instead of ro[.]betano[.]com). The betano[.]com address also works, as it redirects to betano[.]bg. I placed the dots in the URLs between square brackets, because otherwise the forum wouldn’t let me post the thread.

Please fix this, because currently we have to manually adjust each link from the “Bet” button for every match. This is especially inconvenient, because the odds on Betano change very quickly, and placing the bets fast is quite important with this bookmaker.

Thank you in advance!

Go to settings, bookmaker select Betano and choose Bulgaria as a domain

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Thanks a lot, this fixed it!

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No worries, here to help

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