BWin ARE Scammers - What is your experience?

BWin is ridiculous.

I opened an account with them and within few days they started limiting my bets to 0.82 GBP. No matter what kind of bets or match.

  • Deposit was 100 GBP
  • Placed only around 20 bets (each for 1 GBP)
  • Was in loss around 8 GBP when the limiation started
  • Placed multiple ACU bets to throw them off (not succesfull I guess :smiley: )
  • Played some minor games at Casino

This never happened to me before as generally the bookie do not limit you when you are at loss :smiley: and never was in profit.

Right now, I am thinking how to approach it. Do you think it is worth the time to contact their support stuff? I mean it worked for me previously sometimes with local bookies but I am not sure about BWin.

What are your expereinces and perhaps reccomendations how to approach them?

To be honest, I hate when I am being limited but I believe this is just beyond ridiculous.

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I wasn’t aware that bwin imposes such strict limits so quickly. When I last used their platform, I was limited at around 500€.

Bwin doesn’t consider a customer’s losses when determining whether to limit them. Even if you’re losing money, if the matches you’re betting on have value, they may still limit you. I’ve even seen cases where people were limited despite being 500€ in the red.

I don’t believe it would be worthwhile to contact support about this issue. Bwin is a major bookie, and it’s unlikely that they will remove your limits.

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Their Parent Co. also includes LAdbrokes ,coral and sporting bet…so they share info and you will experience the same when you bet with th eother 3, or at least I did.

Sore losers :slight_smile:

Don’t know BWin as they are probably restricted here, but they are all scammers, which is why we are here to try to hit back at them and hopefully for profit. Good luck!

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Same mate. Instant Gubbaggio. That’s Italian for for Gubbed. It’s almost certainly because I’m gubbed with their sister companies- Coral and Ladbrokes. The latter both sent me emails at 7.45pm with the exact same wording. And sportingbet spat out their dummy and gubbed me before i even placed a bet!