Bwin not providing any bets on a SATURDAY . Betvictor no edge

So today is saturday and i’ve just added Bwin to my filters but I’m waiting and i can’t really see any bets from Bwin…if they don’t have bets in weekend then when ??
What is your experience with this bookmaker guys? Do they offer some bets or is just something wrong today ? I am in UK.
Also i stopped to take any bets from Betvictor because there is just no edge there for me. After 460bets with them i still don’t have any profits and the odds are just not there when the software is suggesting any bets and 85% of the time the odds have expired already and is very hard have many bets with them.
Let me know what you think about this 2 topics. Thank you in advance.


Hi, I agree with what you say about BetVictor. I was up £61 in my account and after just a day or two BetVictor had it all off me! That was after almost 1000 bets. The trouble is, as you say, the odds change immediately, even if you’re very quick. But, the more concerning thing I found with them is that they shape the bets that you are allowed to do on their site! It kept on coming up that the bet wasn’t allowed. Steer well clear guys.