Can you really double your money in three months? Yes you can!

I’m trying out RebelBettings claim that you can double your money in three months if you place on avg. at least 30 bets per day. Every week for about three months I will post a video of my betting journey and reflect on how it’s going, perks and cons of RebelBetting and so on.

The RebelBetting crew are aware of me trying this and they will be posting my videos on their YouTube page. But I’m doing this independently and the vids will show my true stats all the way, red or green!

I guess the guys at RebelBetting are confident in their product!

Anyways, here is my first video!

And be aware: I am totally new to RebelBetting and I will probably make a bunch of mistakes. So plz feel free to hand any advice you have over to me. How did you manage your bankroll in the beginning? For now I’m just focusing on getting as larg volume of bets as possible in!


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Cool. It would be great if you share your settings ,or if you stick to the completely default settings and what version of RB you are using.
Suggestion… “this money” is usually called bankroll.

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Thx for the feedback! Here are my settings.
I use the pro version.

The first couple of days I had ”Adjust for open bets” ticked but decided to go without that so all bets have the same worth.

I also had 2% max stake for a while but kinda chickened out and pulled it back to 1,5%.
I have slightly less anxiety with 1,5% and chose to follow my gut there. Even though I would work through my bankroll faster at 2%.

How much did you deposit into Bet365? If you deposit t much in one go you might get limited fast.

I already had most of the money in place. I just added about 2000 SEK (~200Euro). And I have had that account for a long time. So the deposit shouldn’t raise any red flags.

In Unibet and Betsson I made larger deposits. Also pre-existing accounts though. If that even is a factor? Just feels like it should look worse if it was a brand new acc, one big deposit, then a couple of hundred bets the first week.

Last few months it has been very few bets with Betsson. Used to be good though…

After two weeks of betting I hit 1K bets.

These are my results so far:

I have really got my speed up when placing the bets so I don’t miss as many bets now by just being sloppy and searching for the bet for to long.

Now I just hold my thumbs that I don’t hit a major dip. Just updated my bankroll and the max stake for my bets now is starting to get close to 100 Euro per bet (I bet in Swedisk SEK but I just do a sloppy divide by 10 and present my results in Euro).

Hope things are going well for you all!


25 days of valuebetting and things are still heading north. Atm my ROI is at 169%. I read that other ppl is having bad streaks but I seem to dodge the tougher dives. When I have dips they (so far) tend to bounce upwards again quite fast. I still use 1.5% max stake because I’m thinking a dip will come and I don’t want to loose all my winnings. Is my psyche playing tricks on me and keeping me from maxing my earnings? Should I swap to 2%? I’m honestly to chicken right now.

This comment has shown to be really true. There is few bets on Betsson and the bets I get is often esport wich I have very bad luck with. I hade 500 Euro on Betsson and I have lost almost everything there and most of my bets there is being limited too. I have two active bets now at about 20 Euro each. If they are L:s I won’t be depositing any more money to Betsson.

Esports is a losing game for me thus far.

Yeah I do not know what happened to Betsson. Used to be good. E-sport is the highest yielding sport but very few bets around.
The way it looks now it is not worth keeping money on a Betsson account.

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Strange as Esport has the biggest return for me.

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Guess that bad luck/variance has been bad for me. I haven’t used RB for that long and that will probably even out. It seems that Esports is very good for most ppl. I’ll just keep grinding away!

You have very few bets on e-sport though… Usually the best sport when you have significant number of bets.

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Welcome to my Bet365 life now… The grind is real to get SOME money to work.
(uncheck “entire match” in “hide bet after placement” to place all avaliable bets on the same game until the stake is limited to 0).

Don’t lose hope, just keep on betting on all the value bets that pop up.

Always try to bet 7€ per bet, most of the time it will adjust to a lower number but it happens that they accept the 7€ bet.

With this method I can still profit around 500€ per month per limited account on bet365


Lol. I gave you the first thumbs-up.

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Hi. I’ve been on a bit of a involuntary break since last week.

I broke my foot playing padel and have spent last week on morphine.

But the last two weeks has been quite bad for me bettingwise also.

I’ve lost about 3K Euro and nothing seems to go my way. I have also been getting limited on most bookies, so it’s hard to turn by BR over right now.

But I’m going to start grinding again now and hope my foot heals well and my Betting luck turns around sooner than later.

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Have a speedy recovery!


Thx bud! Appreciate it.