Can't find the bets

I am new, so bear with me here.

Using the arb program I know good bets come and go, however I am having issues navigating the websites to even find the bets.

For example on wiliamhill or bet365 I can’t even find the option to bet on what the software says (over/under number, asian line .5)etc what am I missing here? Do they (bookies) remove the line or do I need to look in the right place?

This would interest me as well, repeatedly I am looking at bets in the software I can’t find at the bookie.

My recommendation is to use the Search function at Bet365. Copy-paste the desired team name (e.g. Real Madrid) and then choose the right type of sport (Soccer, Basketball etc.) Once you found the match the next step is to find the bet (e.g. U 2.25). Get familiar with the layout at William Hill and Bet365 to know where to look for certain type of bets (Asian lines, handicaps etc.).

If you know all of this it takes approx. 30 seconds to place a bet. Sometimes you don’t have that much time, manual process is slow. I don’t know if the arb software can find the bet automatically and you can skip all the steps I described above.

Good luck!

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Sometimes bet is not available because it has changed or was removed by the bookie. For instance you are looking for U6.5 but U5.5 is available only. You missed this my friend, hopefully you will be luckier next time.