Can't find the odds on bookmakers

I am new to value betting. But one problem i have is that I barely ever find the odds on the bookmakers. For Ex: I use bet365, and the softwere says there is a bet with the odd 1.525 for Over 2.5 goals. But on the bet365 website there is no such alternativ to bet on and the only alternative is above or under 2 goals. The same have happend on interwettern. Am I doing something wrong or is’nt all the betts showing on the softwere possible to bet on?

Hi Erik!

Some bookmakers present their odds in a somewhat inconsistent way. Bet365 sometimes present the over/under odds in the main view as “Goal line”. You can sometimes also find it listed under the Asian Handicap section, Half time and under Goals. See the example images I posted.

Not very convenient…but you’ll quite quickly get the hang of it and it will probably just take a few extra seconds to find the correct odds.