Cant find the surebet odds on the bookies

I started with Rebelbetting 4 days ago.
Back then I had a good luck finding the odds coming up in the software.
But the last couple of days it is impossible to find one that is not either incorrect or not given as an option.
it seems like there has come a long delay on some bookies. is the software having issues fetching odds from the bookies at the moment?
It also removes odds from the software (which I have also checked is not correct anymore). Then all the sudden it pops up again. It does this over and over, so you will need to remove notifications from that specific match
I use app 8-10 bookies.

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Sorry for the inconvenience and for the late reply, we’re looking into this.

No problem Hanna.
You can just reply when you are done. I will then resign again