Caution - BetWinner eSport Rules

yesterday, as advised by the RebelBetting software, i made an AH bet on the outcome of the eSport fixture Natus Vincere vs Vitality. i specified an Asian handicap of 1.5 on the first team (at the BetWinner website) and an Asian handicap of -1.5 on the second team. The final result was 2-3, meaning that I ought to have received winnings from BetWinner. However, BetWinner in accordance to their Ts & Cs settled this as a loss. the reason is section 9.37.6 of their Ts & Cs which states that “Handicaps and totals are counted in maps, except when totals or handicaps are given in respect to a specific map or a match is held on a best-of-one basis”.

given these rules, this isn’t something which should have been presented as a sure bet by the software.